Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The New Adventures of Popeye Opens This Week After Jenny and Jenni!

Hello all! Factory ensemble member Sarah Rose Graber here! I wanted to let you know about another show we have coming up: “The New Adventures of Popeye!” We’ve taken five clowns and created a series of episodes using your favorite Popeye characters and put them into more modern scenarios. We’ve used the world of Popeye to embrace current issues through high-energy slapstick comedy, cartoon inspired fights, and just the right amount of satire.

Many of you saw our first stab at this idea during the Abbie Hoffman Festival. There was an overwhelmingly great response to our quirky take on modernizing the old, classic Popeye episodes. As you can imagine, we couldn’t have been happier. People wanted more, so we took our little show to Strawdog for another successful performance! And now we’re back home at the Factory for a whole late night run! Friends, we are jumping for joy! EXCITING!

We’ve been learning a lot from each other and developing how we work as an ensemble. As a result, we feel our material for this show is even stronger than the last! We’ve created a brand new series of episodes for this late night run and we have done our best to bring this cartoon world to life in our writing and execution. From the moment you walk in the theatre, we will have games and prizes for people, and in true Factory Theater form, we encourage you to grab a beer and dive in with us for a good time! The water feels just right!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Almost there...

Tech Week. That magical time when everyone involved in a show comes together to make sure everything happens as it should. It's exciting to say the least.

At the Factory, there is an extra sense of anticipation because we're bringing a world premiere to the stage and that premiere is more often than not, the product of people within our ensemble.

Jenny & Jenni marks the playwriting debut of longtime Factory ensemble member Shannon O'Neill, as well as the Factory main stage directorial debut of ensemble member Laura McKenzie.

Previews begin tomorrow night and we are really thrilled to bring audiences in for the first time. It's
pretty cool to be able to present something that no one has ever seen before. For only 10 bucks, Factory Theater gives people the opportunity to be able to say, "Jenny and Jenni, 2010 first preview...I was there, man, I was there." Come check it out. It feels good.