Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Launch Party TOMORROW

Tomorrow night (Thursday, May 28) is the Factory's launch party at Chief O'Neill's (corner of Elston & Albany), starting at 6 p.m.  The party benefits the upcoming smash hit Dead Wrong, which previews June 19 and opens June 26.  

The show marks the return of Allison Cain to the Factory stage, and the chemistry between Cain and co-star Eric Roach is pretty damn awesome.  I love watching sexual energy onstage!  Manny Tamayo, fresh off his triumphant directorial debut with 2007's Dirty Diamonds, writes and directs.

These launch parties are fast becoming legendary among the hip and cultural elite of Chicago.  There will be a preview of the show at the launch party.  There will also a pub quiz, hosted by living legend Jackie Shollins.  The sexy Riveters will be trolling the floor.....looking for YOU.  There will be a raffle for fabulous, incredible prizes.  Tucker will be telling jokes.  Sully will be keeping a watchful eye.  Metreyeon will have new baby pics (congrats to Paul from el blog)!  Chas & Milroy will dissect the Cubs' woes!  How the hell can you pass this up?  You can't!

Festivities kick off at 6 p.m.  I DEMAND YOU ATTEND!

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Barbara said...

I heard there will be an awesome DJ spinning as well.