Monday, September 28, 2009


Happy 39th birthday Scott OKen!! A new poll has been constructed in his honor. I didn't include "Repair Guys" or "God, Guns and Gold", but only because they are shorts. But those two are actually a couple of my very favorites. Vote early and vote often.

TREMENDOUS time at the Factory Rooftop Shuffle this past Saturday night. The bands rocked out, Lady Jack was sexy but all too brief, and the Super Bowl Shuffle defied all words. Thanks to all who came out and supported the Factory. Pictures will be forthcoming soon. Let's do it again!!

Is it just me, or did Devin Hester look like a real NFL receiver yesterday? The fingertip catch and stretch for a first down was absolutely epic....

I shouldn't be surprised, but "Dirty Dancing" edged out "Road House" for Best Swayze Movie. I suspect some poll skullduggery, but at this point I should just be happy people are taking the time to vote.

Shows in Chicago to see! Treasure Island at Lifeline! The Hostage at the Griffin! Dinner For Six at Metropolis! Animal Crackers at the Goodman (if you have a million dollars)! St. Crispin's Day at the Strawdog! Support the arts! Have I forgotten any shows? Well, excuuuuuuse me! It ain't like this blog costs you anything!

Always good to see old Factory friends out on the town like Susan Donatello and Christian and Lauren Murphy, who showed up at the Rooftop Shuffle. As Bob Seger would say...."see some old friends, good for the soul." Also, Melissa Nedell is back in Chicago after a summer in Montana. Just in time to take care of Sir Gimp-A-Lot (Matt Engle) who is preparing for ACL surgery.

Bon voyage to Heather Tyler and Matt Samsel, who will soon be striking out for LA to seek their fortune. We'll be sending them off in grand style (check your Facebook events calendar). I could be wrong, but I believe that drinking will be involved in that particular event.

Coming soon to this very blog -- a cast retrospective of the 1993 Factory classic Santa Claus Conquers The Martians. Find out what those cast members are up to in 2009, and get their thoughts on one of my personal Factory faves.

Saw Curtis Armstrong all too briefly on the season premiere of "House"! That man is a genius -- why doesn't he work more? I mean....he's Booger! He's Miles! He was Lane Meyer's coke-snorting buddy! He pals around with Cybill Shepherd! Come on!

If it's a Yankees-Red Sox ALCS, I will bash my head against a post. The world does not need four-hour games filled with working counts, drawing walks, and fouling off pitches. Note to sabermetricians: It's a way to win ballgames, but it isn't fun to watch.

Do I sound bitter, perhaps? Let's see....I'm 40 and have never witnessed any of my favorite teams celebrate a championship! The Indians just broke an 11-game losing streak, the Browns are 0-16, and I'm preparing for LeBron's last year with the Cavs! What could I POSSIBLY have to be bitter about?

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