Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dude, it's World Theatre Day! You GOTTA get wasted!

What is World Theatre Day, you ask?  Well, look no further -- the organizers have their own blog.  In Chicago, they are celebrating tomorrow night (Friday the 27th) at the Chopin (1543 W. Division Ave.) anytime after 9 p.m.  Go there -- and celebrate the world of theatre through liquor!  

But before you do, swing by the Prop at 8 p.m. to check out Mop Top Festival.  Do it -- especially if you love the Beatles (and who doesn't).  Then go hang out with the off-Loop theater celebrities at the Chopin.

Also, a quick unrelated comment about the poll:  I know it isn't fashionable to proclaim Sgt. Pepper's the Beatles' best album these days (and 20 years ago that choice was a virtual slam dunk), but I find the lack of love for the Beatles' magnum opus very interesting.  My God, Beatles For Sale is getting more votes!  I'm not saying anything more, other than that I am surprised.

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