Friday, October 2, 2009

Starting Steps

The first show of Factory Theater's 2010 season will be Hey! Dancin'! by Kirk Pynchon and Mike Beyer. Upon first reading, this play felt like a hilariously twisted take on Disney's High School Musical if it was set in 1986. There's much more to it, as will be seen (and heard) this weekend. On Sunday, the play will get its first reading for the ensemble to chew on. I expect ideas to fly and my perspectives to change after the reading and discussions. These are the first steps in the process; I'm excited to hear the collective ensemble gears turn as we develop this show.

Two ensemble members will be doing something different for the Hey! Dancin'! production crew. The sparkling Sarah Rose Graber will be directing a Factory show for the first time, and I will be producing a Factory show for the first time. We are neither of us green in these capacities, but this is our first time doing these jobs in the Factory uniform. We are wonderfully supported by a sturdy ensemble. I am pleased to put on this particular hat for the company and I'm eager to see what devious plans Sarah Rose has in store.

In the meantime, keep a lookout for 1985 updates. I expect DJ Chas to share more goodies as the November 6 previews rapidly approach. Bear down!

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