Friday, October 30, 2009

Everything will be Hunky Dory.

Yeah- Maybe we're a bunch of clowns over here at the Factory Theater. We certainly like to juggle. As we gear up for load-in, build and tech week for 1985, we've got another show hot on its heels.

Who doesn't like watching TV all day and eating well cooked meals without
lifting a finger? The American dream, right? Well, there's a little work
involved. What with signing the social security checks of the recently deceased,
not to mention the necessary clean-up- you think it's easy? Maybe. Factory
Theater's comic thriller Hunky Dory takes you back to 1975 Haneyville, Texas. A time and place when life was easier, but so was death.

That's right, we do 'em two at a time over at the Factory, and you can too. We've got our fabulous Factory Double Feature Deal that will let you see both shows for one low price. Check it out by clicking here.

So, that's kind of cool, right? We think so. No tricks here, all treats and no @#%!ing rocks.


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