Friday, November 27, 2009

3 + 3 = Six Star Saturday.

Ok- It's so-called "Black Friday" today and you aren't shopping, you're reading our blog. Ok, maybe you are actually standng in the aisles of a Forever 21, Rainbow, or Chess King and you're reading this on a handheld device as you shop for the co-worker whose name you pulled in the Secret Santa thingy they do at your job, whatever. The point is- you are reading this now, and perhaps thinking about attending a Factory show tonight. Only problem is, you can't. We're all either in the aisle next to you or on our way home from our own Thanksgiving gatherings. However, we're back in FULL FORCE on Saturday with the mother of all deals on our double-bill of 1985 & Hunky Dory. This Saturday night, November 28th- we've got both shows going at the 2 for 1 rate- that means you and a pal or relative who is still in town can see both shows for the combined price of 30 bucks. (that's 15 bucks a person for two shows) Pretty sweet.

Incidentally both shows received three star reviews in The Chicago Tribune over the last week, so you're looking at 6 stars for 15 bucks.

Check it out, here's 1985's review

Now go here to get tix. Enter the code word "thanks" for each 2 ticket purchase and you are on your way.

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