Monday, April 6, 2009

Actor's Night TONIGHT

Actor's Night is always an awesome time, and tonight promises to be especially outstanding in light of the new hilarity that is simply CRACKLING throughout Mop Top Festival.  I saw it last night and chuckled mightily at about eight or ten new lines in the show.  

So....purchase a six-pack of Schlitz and get yer butt up to the Prop tonight!  8 pm sharp for the low low low price of $5!  We're going back to 1992 Factory admission prices!  What, you're going to watch the stupid NCAA National Championship instead?  Who cares?  Tyler Hansbrough's a dick (and I hope that last sentence goes straight to the top of Hansbrough's Google page)!

COMING THIS WEEK:  More ensemble updates, a Q&A with a living Factory legend, and much, much more.  

See you TONIGHT at the Prop!


Roachy10 said...

Oh, Beaver. Tix tonight are only FIVE dollars! It's an even more amazing deal when you don't Beave it!

The Factory Theater said...

My mistake. $10 is what Mrs. Roach charges! Apologies!

Colin said...

Fuck Tyler Hansbrough. Even Craig Ehlo would kick his ass.