Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The votes are in......

Revolver was named as the Beatles' best album in The Poll That Took Way Too Long To Complete.  Thanks to a late push, it narrowly beat the second-place White Album by a vote of 12-9.  Abbey Road came in a close third place with eight votes, followed by Beatles For Sale with seven suspect votes.  Personally, I was surprised by the relative lack of Factory Blog love for A Hard Day's Night and/or Let It Be.  But I personally voted for Revolver, so in the end I can't quibble too much with the poll results. 

I find it interesting how time has treated the Beatles' albums.  I do think Revolver is their best album, though it beats out Rubber Soul by a nose.  And had the White Album been condensed into a single album, it may have gotten my vote as well.  Finally, I think Side 2 of Abbey Road is pure brilliance, but Side 1 has too much pedestrian Beatles for me to vote that record their all-time best.  Discuss!

We'll do Beatles-themed polls until Mop Top Festival closes (and you have two more weeks to catch this outstanding show).  Until then, vote in the new poll and stay tuned for more bloggin'!


DJ Chas said...

I voted for Rubber Soul. It should have won. But, I won't complain too much. Revolver has Here, There and Everywhere, which I love even more everytime I listen to it.

Colin said...

Will there ever be a poll for best/worst Genesis album?