Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lennon - victorious

The second Factory poll closed yesterday, with John Lennon capturing the Favorite Beatle title rather easily.  George Harrison closed with a late rush to grab second place (must have been the Hollywood Walk Of Fame star that did it).  Poor Ringo, as usual, finished last.

We have a new poll opening today in honor of George -- and also the closing weekend of the great Mop Top Festival.  If you haven't yet seen it, you have two more chances to catch this terrific show.  Closing night is Saturday, April 25.  If you have seen it -- well, there are about 63 new bits the cast has added so I promise you will be thoroughly entertained.  Myself, I could watch Shannon O'Neill as the Joey Ramone look-alike record vendor for hours, and I would pay handsomely to do so.


Colin said...

Aaggh! All these cruel polls with their difficult choices.

test said...

DUDE. Have to echo Colin here... my favorite Harrison song?? Impossible!