Friday, August 7, 2009

Down time? No such thing....

As most of our faithful readers know, there hasn't been much to read here as of late. Which probably makes the readers job pretty easy. Well, consider the little hiatus to be the calm before the storm. One might look at the fact that Dead Wrong has closed and think the Factory is taking their summer vaction now. And sure, we like to go to the beach and Lollapalooza and do all sorts of other stuff, but really- it is during this "down time" when we get tons of stuff done. There's a ton of stuff in the works...and some other things to report, so let's do it.

First things first- Long time Factory fans, friends, and followers know that when August rolls around- you'll find us over at Angel Island presenting something for Mary-Arrchie's Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins Festival. Really, you could just forget about Lollapaloolza this weekend- because as far as August festivals in Chicago go, you can't beat Abbie Hoffman- now in it's 21st year. Basically you're looking at 3 days on non-stop entertainment- starting with a march from Daley Plaza to the theater on Friday, August 14th at 2pm and continuing untill the final performance sometime after midnight rolls around Sunday into Monday. Over 50 different companies, groups and performers do their thing and you never no what you'll see. Quite honestly- the opportunity exists for you to see both the best AND worst thing you've ever seen on a Chicago stage before. Very exciting.

The Factory has gotten in on the action for a number of years now. Last year- we performed our Factory Third Shift Production Shameless Shamuses. In previous years, you may have seen our encore performance of Rapid Fire (an older Factory Classic) or a preview of the yet to be produced Wrestling Show. We've also given sneaks peaks of Captain Raspberry, Operation Infiltration, and others before they were produced. Sometimes we do sketch material, we did Speed the Play one year, hell, one time we passed out beer and shaved Jason Lubow head to toe! It's always something nutty with us.

This year- You'll get a couple of sneak previews of our upcoming fall shows (1985 & Hunky Dory) as well as some new sketch material (Nice Ones & The Factory Time Machine) Good times to be had! The schedule is a bit fluid, but show up just after midnight on Saturday August 15th and you should be able to catch us. (Our scheduled start time is 12:30am.) Rich Cotovosky and the Mary-Arrchie gang are great hosts and this Festival is an essential part of our vibrant theatre scene in this city, Get There!

In other Factory Theater News- Our 2010 Season has been selected! We've got three great shows lined up for next year and our busting at the seems to tell you all about 'em. But...we're gonna wait. A formal (or as formal as we get) announcement can be expected in the next few weeks. Stay Tuned!

This Monday (August 10th)- Make sure you are signed up to get the Factory Theater Eblast

as we will be sending our subscribers details about an event that will be too incredible to miss. It's the type of event you'll want to be able to say "Man, I was there" when all is said and done. Look for it!

Finally, In Factory Sports. Our softball team enjoyed another fun season. Now, in truth we are definitely one of those "it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game" type teams. We always have tons of fun and on occassion win a few games. This year, we made it to the second round of the playoffs before gracefully bowing out and hitting Christina's for post-game drinks. Whether celebrating victories, or drowning our sorrows- Christina's Place has been our favorite post-game watering hole. We thank them, and whole-heartedly recommend you check out the "Home of the $2.00 Guiness"

And that's What's Going On, Factory Friends! (lame version link in honor of Lollapalooza, good version HERE.)

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