Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bear Down!

I'm posting just to fulfill my contractual obligation. I got nothin', you know? The well has run dry. Anything you want to see me write about? Send me ideas. I just finished writing a show with my buddy Kirk, and I guess that took it all out of me. Apologies, Factory Theater Blog followers!

We got a ton of shit coming up this fall at the Factory. Be a part of our magic!! Dead Wrong is sadly closed and struck, but as usual we got one in the hopper that's sure to knock your goddam block off! Our new show, 1985, written by the one and only Chas Vrba, opens November 13 at the Prop Thtr. The show's Facebook page describes itself as "an Orwellian take on Chicago sports".

Directed by comic maestro Eric Roach, this show promises to be another Factory smash. Look at this all-star cast:

Timothy C. Amos
Christy Arington
Ernie Deak
Laura McKenzie
Scott OKen
Mike Ooi
Manny Tamayo
Stacie Barra Tournis
Chas Vrba

Come on! Look at that collection of talent! LOOK AT IT! TRY TO TAKE YOUR EYES OFF IT! YOU CAN'T!

Not only that, but this fall we'll be trying something brand new for our launch party. Instead of our usual digs at Chief O'Neill's, we'll instead be hanging out that night at the Lakeview Baseball Club for our launch party on Saturday, September 26, at 8 p.m. (you can buy tickets here). In case you are a Sox fan, or live under a rock, the Lakeview Baseball Club is a "rooftop" establishment on Sheffield Ave. that overlooks Wrigley Field itself. The Cubs, sadly, will be out of town that night, but our host Stanley Grabowski (filling in for Jackie Shollins, who is currently on his Far East Tour) will be there.

Also, fantastic live bands such as The Cain Mutiny and The Wanton Looks will be there to rock you harder than a Butkus sack. DJ Chas will spinning tunes and reminiscing about the Cubs' 2009 season highlight (the sweep of the hapless Indians). There will be food! Open bar! Prizes for YOU to win! And of course, a preview-type performance related to our upcoming smash hit 1985! You must attend!

For your edification, enjoy the following. Bear Down.

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