Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Factory Announces Its 2010 Season!

We've been busy here at La Factory. First off, we had the always successful, always drunken Abbie Hoffman Festivus over the weekend of August 15-16. Despite taking the stage at something like the crack of dawn, the Factory rocked it as usual.

Also, the Factory held its first reading for the soon-to-be-American-Classic 1985, written by the indomitable Chas Vrba and directed by the sublime Eric Thomas Roach (who rocks a blue tie, by the way). As stated previously, our little Rooftop Shuffle is right around the corner. Buy your tickets and get the latest info on bands for this explosive shindig here.

Last but not least, we are proud to announce our season for 2010. These three shows are original works -- all comedies, completely subtlety-free! I think it goes without saying that in 2010 There Will Be Bits. Without further adieu:

"Hey! Dancin'!"
by Kirk Pynchon and Mike Beyer

The year is 1986. The hair is big, the fashion is ridiculous, and dancing is king. The hottest dance show in Chicago rules the cable access airwaves -- and its name is "Hey! Dancin'!" It's the last show of the season, and the station manager is threatening to change the music format because the show has gotten "too black". Our heroine Halle Stanton, with the help of her slutty friend Trisha, finagle their way on to the show. Halle hopes to meet the show's Ray-Ban-wearing star -- Kenny Kaposki, better known as Double K. Will love blossom between the innocent Halle and the dance superstar Double K? Will the show survive the change of music from Cameo to Poison? And will Trisha have sex with the show's older (yet willing) host, Randy Massingil? Find out in "Hey! Dancin'!"

"The League Of Awesome"
by Corri Feuerstein and Sara Sevigny

The superheroes of The League Of Awesome have done it again. A villain has been vanquished, the city's fears have been quelled, newspapers have their story and all is well. See, they decided to punish this villain by trapping him inside a Hardy Boys book. Yeah, it was a little unconventional. Sure, they know that. But it's not like Drake Hurtcliffe, a horrible evil mastermind who inflicted sadness upon an entire city with his SorrowMaker, is gonna get out of the book. Zoe, Sylvia, Penny, Kitty & Rumble wouldn't let him escape. I mean....come on! What are they gonna do, accidentally create another hero who is clueless enough to join Drake's forces or something? That's ridiculous! They'd have to be drunk to do that! Now let's watch them celebrate their victory over Drake with mojitos.

Oh....oh, dear.

"Jenny And Jenni"
by Shannon O'Neill
FALL 2010

Before the Thighmaster. Before Sweatin' To The Oldies. And before Jane Fonda, there was....JENNY AND JENNI. Watch this unlikely duo rise to the top of the exercise and fitness food chain before we even knew there was one. Friends since childhood, Jenny and Jenni overcome difficult parents, initial public mockery, and an evil Jordache model to become trailblazers in the fight to keep America fit and feeling good. Follow the adventures of Jenny and Jenni as they invent the exercise studio, awesome fitness apparel, and the workout video. But will success bring this famous pair true happiness after all they've been through? Or will it tear them apart? One journey, two Jennys.....just spelled differently.

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