Monday, August 17, 2009


We're a day late with this one and for that we apologize. After not hitting the boards at the Abbie Hoffman Festival until about 2:25 am (scheduled start time was 1am) on Sunday- we totally overslept and missed Beave's big day. The Factory's "oldest living member and resident frat-humorist" deserves more respect. As the primary contributor to this blog and official Factory historian- Beave gives so much, and yet we skip his birthday in return! Shame on us.
Dear readers- if you happen to see Beave in the near future give him a birthday hug and congratulate him for being co-author ( with Kirk Pynchon) of the first show of next season. Hey! Dancin'!
We Love Beave. He Rules! His Cleveland Browns however, suck. His preoccupation with Billy Joel is a bit disturbing as well- and we're not even gonna say a word about that photo.

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